Same Day Delivery
We will deliver the completed Digital Cards on the same day, provided the proofreading and approval are made before 9 am.
Organizer Mobile App
Save all Digital Cards to the card organizer app just like your contacts. Apps available for both Android & iOS platforms.
Share Unlimited
Share without any limitation, sending your digital cards through messaging application like WhatsApp, FB Messenger etc.

About Digital Business Card

A Smarter Alternative to Tedious Paper made Business Cards.
We are now Smarter with Smarter Business Cards, Are You?

The time has come where you no longer have to carry those old fragile paper cards in your pocket. Your business and your business cards can now be digitally smart. Our Digital Business Card allows you to create and share your contact information connectivity. Our unique card comes with several productive features such as one-click accessible links to websites, Google maps integrated navigation features, and much more. Your business card became upgraded.

Get Your Contact Card Organiser App

Organising your digital cards now made easy with STC Organiser Mobile App.

Digital Business Card Features

See the features provided by our interactive Digital Business Card

Share Through Messengers
Share your digital cards through messenger applications like WhatsApp, etc. and of course, there are no limitations in sharing.
One-Click Call
Just tap on the mobile number on the card to reach your customers.
Social Media & Website Link
Access websites & social media sites with ease through Digital business card.
Add Payment Link
Ability to add customized payment links, forms buttons & more.
One-Click WhatsApp
Your clients can now contact you on Whatsapp without saving your number.
Instant Email Chat
Your customer can easily email you my gently touching email icon on Digital Business Card.
One-Touch Navigation
Easily navigate your customer to your websites and portfolio with a single touch.
Save To Contact
People can save all your contact details in their STC Organiser Mobile App.

How It Works

Create engaging "Contactless" Digital Cards

Overview & Tour

Digital Business Card is a smarter & easier way to increase your business status & dominate your competitors. With our card in your client’s hand, they can connect with you with just a simple tap on the details on your card. Let us have an overview of this amazing product.


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