Data Requirements

Before Submitting your data make sure of the following.

Text Field Details
  • Field Names are filled with correct naming and letter case.
  • Phone numbers are provided with correct country code in the dropdown.
  • Email and URL fields contain the correct structure and data.
  • Spelling and naming patterns are correct. (Eg: McDonald, where second letter ‘c’ is the lowercase and the third letter "M" should be mentioned as it is.)
Data is in RGB
  • Data is in RGB colours which are used for monitors, TV screens, Phones etc.
  • Kindly note CMYK is for printing and we prefer RGB data, otherwise, the colours may look different with other elements when viewed on the phone or computer screen.
  • File size of min 500 KB and max 2 MB
  • Resolution of 300 dpi
File Format
  • Make sure to upload text content in either pdf or doc format as we don’t entertain content recreation from scanned copy, photographs or other sources.
Social Media Links
  • Be sure of the fact that you copy your correct social media profile or page URL, which in general will have your username query following the platform domain name.
  • Most case the page URL that you logged into will be the same as social media domain or any feed page. That looks like or respectively. Either case it is the wrong way of representing your profile or page URL.

Card Design Turnaround

Same Day Delivery Except for Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

Adding digital features to the card will initiate only after the proofreading and approval of your
submitted data and draft design.
Your order will be delivered on the same day only if the approval is made before 09:00 am.

Same Day Turnaround

09:00 am


Approval Before 09:00 am


09:00 am 05:30 pm


Delivery Schedule

Weekly Turnaround

Monday 09:00 am
Delivery (9am-5:30pm)
Tuesday 09:00 am
Delivery (9am-5:30pm)
Wednesday 09:00 am
Delivery (9am-5:30pm)
Thursday 09:00 am
Delivery (9am-5:30pm)
Friday 09:00 am
Delivery (9am-5:30pm)

How to order

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s just a few clicks away

Step 1 : Choose the desired card from category
Select the card of your choice

Click on the desired card modal and you will be navigated to the Card Details page with patterns and upload option. You can with choose the pattern or upload your own design before proceeding to next page.

Don’t find your desired design? No worries ! Lean more about our creative Design Service

Step 2 : Enter your data and upload your requirements
Fill your details to be presented on the card.
  1. Personal Information : Good if you double check your entered data as we prefer little revisions on your data.
  2. Logo & Other Images : A file size of min 500 KB and max. 2 MB with a resolution above 300dpi is recommended preferably in Pdf, Png format. We accept Jpg and Jpeg but can’t guarantee the same quality as what pdf and png provides.
  3. Additional Requirements : In case if you need any additional data added to the details, upload it in pdf or doc format. Alternatively, you can enter that in the text field provided. We prefer digital copy instead of a photograph or scanned copy.
Step 3 : Order Checkout and Payment
Submit your detail and make payment
Create order by submitting the details. Your order will be now moved to the cart. From cart you can now check out and make payment with or without a registered account. However we advise to have an account as it gives you further access to the order tracking and communication.
Step 4 : Review and Approval
Approval of your details and design draft

You will be updated with every details we are working with. We check your details and file uploads for anything that is having conflict with the design benchmark. If any conflicts or issues comes across, we will notify you mail to resubmit the data. Once everything looks clear we will send you the details and design draft for your review and approval.

Any delay in approval will cause delay in final card delivery. No revisions entertained after the approval of your details and design.

Step 5 : Receive Card by mail
Once your card is ready we will sent it to you by mail
We will update you the delivery details. After approval we proceed to add smart linking on your cards. Finally we process in through multiple testing for the desired features. Upon successful test result, card will be send to you by email. I you have a registered account with us, you can download it from order details under your account.

ATEES Information Technologies or its Digital Card service will not be held responsible nor redesign of your card after proofreading and approval due to poorly prepared data and low- quality image. If in doubt please see our Learn Before Your Order Guideline for more information on how to provide the data. Where design and features accuracy is critical, we strongly recommend going through Sample Downloads to avoid conflict or disappointment on a later stage.


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