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A website without a domain name is just a string of numbers. Domain names are what makes your business website identifiable by customers. It doesn't matter if your business has a name, if your website doesn't have one, it will be difficult for people to find you.

In the UAE where 99% of the population uses the internet, it is important that your business website should have a domain name. Because your website is what represents your brand. It is the first thing that customers look for information. Think of a domain name as the address of your website in the online world.

By choosing the services from ATEES, one of the best domain and hosting providers in the UAE, you can find the right domain name is for your business. Domain name registrations are happening at a rapid pace to the point that there are over 351 million domain names registered worldwide. This is more likely to increase in the coming years, therefore, it is important that you register the right domain name for your website before someone else registers it. We provide the right domain services for your website.

A domain name provides a recognized identity for your business website

It is important that you choose the domain registration services from a well-known agency.  Our domain name services are widely known in the UAE. This, in turn, has enabled many reputed companies to opt our services for their business website. Our services include domain registration for new business websites, updating the existing ones and more.

Our services are catered to a wide range of business websites ranging from startups to multinational companies. So, if your business falls in any of these categories, then we are ready to help you. Another thing to consider is choosing the domain extension. To get better business benefits, it is wise to choose one that is popular in the online world.

The .com extension is the most popular domain extension in the world, therefore, it is the best choice for your business. If your business is in the UAE, then it is better to go for the .ae extension. Our team of experienced professionals are able to provide you with any domain extension type as long as it's available.

We aim to provide a complete service for making your business website safe from threats. By availing our services, you get the option to choose our web hosting services & SSL security services. Since both are needed for your website it is generally wise to opt for complete services from us. This, in turn, avoids the consequences of availing the solutions from different companies.


A domain name is not something that must be avoided for your website under any circumstances. It is one of the vital factors that determine the success of your business. If your website has a domain name, then you can enjoy various benefits for your business.

  • Better rankings in search engine
  • Higher brand recognition
  • Increased web traffic
  • Easier to memorize
  • Cost-effective

Although many other companies provide domain registration services, they may rarely offer the exclusive advantages that we provide for our services:

  • Free consultation
  • Quality services
  • In-house security experts
  • Flexible pricing plans

"The one reason that our company website exists today is because of ATEES. We got our domain name registered and website hosted by them. There was no delay in any of their services and everything was on time. Availing the domain registration services from ATEES was the best decision we made. "

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Affordable costs

Our solutions are affordable to all types of businesses that include small, medium and large. However, the prices may vary depending on the type of business requirements.

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Our in-house team of extraordinary personnel makes sure that our client’s business website gets the domain name services faster than the competitors.

24x7 support

Our team provides timely assistance and support for your business website at any time. They make sure that your website is working without issues.


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