ERP Software Development

“Without change, performance would never improve”- Marianne Bradford

This is what we aim for, a change for improving your business processes.

ATEES provides out of the box ERP software development services for improving your workflow & efficiency.

Most of the companies are looking for ways to increase their productivity and getting more profits. While there are many solutions, nothing has come close to implementing an ERP system.

It has become one of the most preferred technologies in recent years by various companies.  The purpose of implementing an ERP system is to improve business processes. In fact, 95% of companies improve their processes following ERP implementation.

This is why it is important that your business should have installed an ERP system. The principal reason for the popularity of ERP solution is its integration capabilities. With a single system, multiple business processes can be integrated into it.  An ERP system provides you with real-time progress of all the work process in the company. If you want your business to have this advantage, then opting for the ERP solutions from ATEES will make your business workflow smoother.

ERP software implementation requires the execution of a firm plan that involves identifying requirements, designing, testing & more. Although you may find similar agencies that offer ERP solutions in the UAE, their mode of approach is not like as we do. This is the reason why we have been successful in developing & implementing the software without issues.

We know that ERP systems are known to create issues if not implemented properly. This is why you should choose the best solution from us as our solutions are developed with a zero-tolerance for errors. Also, our ERP services suits for all types of businesses ranging from startup to MNC's.

At ATEES, we follow a set of solutions that helps us to deliver the best possible ERP system for your business. We provide the following set of ERP solutions for your business:

ERP Consulting

This is the first step you have to follow once you have made a decision to get an ERP software. This is where your business requirements are identified so that it helps us deliver a system that is completely compatible with your business. An ERP consultant from our team will brief you about the system, its features and related information.

ERP Configuration

One of the crucial processes that determine how your ERP software works without issues. A successful ERP configuration is made once your business requirements are identified. Since ERP software works differently for various business requirements, it is important that your business uses the right ERP configuration.

ERP Integration

Integration of various business processes is what makes ERP the preferred choice for organisations. It is what makes your business more productive and successful. We deliver the best ERP software for your business that is capable of integrating third-party tools and processes. Our solutions are designed to work with your business.

ERP Module Development

ERP software handles all the related business processes are modules. Each module represents a particular business process. By integrating all processes as separate modules, it makes the workflow more efficient. Our team are adept at transforming your business needs into respective modules.

ERP Maintenance

Periodic maintenance for the ERP software ensures its smooth functioning. Since the technological scenarios & business requirements are subject to changes, your system must be able to work according to it. Our ERP system developers team takes all the necessary steps in keeping the ERP software for your business updated.

ERP Support

Implementing a new ERP system does not give your business the complete results. The software system must need support in order to work accordingly as per changing business needs. This includes updating, technical support and more. Luckily, our team is able to provide this all either via phone or mail.


If simplifying the workflow of your organisation is what you need, then our ERP solutions are the ideal choice. On availing our services your business gets benefitted with the following advantages.

  • Better planning & reporting
  • Increased workflow
  • Sync business operations
  • Reduced time & costs
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Better business collaboration

Although many firms offer ERP solutions, only the right ones provide reliable services for the clients.  ATEES is one such company that has delivered the best ERP software solutions to a wide variety of clients. One of the reasons that make us different from others is providing exclusive benefits that you get to enjoy when our solutions are chosen:

  • Free consultation session
  • Extended technical support
  • Result-oriented services
  • Vast customization features

"We tasked ATEES for developing an ERP software system for our business. They delivered and implemented the system and they did a good job. The system helped streamline the workflow of our firm. Also, we received periodic technical support from the technicians at ATEES. The best place to choose for ERP software solutions."

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If your business workflow is not as you expected, then our ERP solution will help you with that

Real-time progress

Having an ERP software solution helps view the real-time progress of the entire workflow across various departments in the company.

Better customer relations

CRM modules are integrated with our solutions which helps maintain newer & existing customer relations. This results in increased profits.

Less operational costs

Having an ERP solution helps lower costs for individual departments as multiple business processes are managed under a single system.


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