We are a global provider of digital marketing solutions that are suited for all business types. What we offer your business is not a single solution but rather a wide variety of solutions that establishes your online presence and brand awareness. Our marketing services include Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing & more. Apart from marketing services, we also provide web design & web development services.
The aim of every business company is to make their brand known in the online world provide better reach and get the attention of potential customers. Our cost-effective marketing services benefit your business by providing a well established online presence coupled with a higher ranking on Google’s first-page search results. Higher ranking of your business website translates to Increased ROI & profits.
We don’t like to think of ourselves as some ordinary digital marketing firm. Therefore, we believe in implementing features that make your business stand out from the competitors. On choosing our services, we provide you with exclusive business benefits. This is something that most other companies rarely gives you. We have a no-locking period for our marketing services. Apart from that, we offer a free consultation session that helps you to know more about us and our services. Visit us and you will find even more features.
To be one of the best digital marketing agencies in India, it requires a lot of factors and finance is one of that. We, therefore, charge by the hours we spent on the campaign. You may find other companies offering a different pricing policy that seems convenient but be aware that the services offered by them may not be as good as ours. At ATEES, for each penny you pay us, your business gets the total advantages. Even our packages are based on the estimated time we have to spend on it. Our pricing policies apply to the custom packages too.
Like Digital marketing, social media is an umbrella term that consists of various online platforms that the customers actively use for communication and entertainment purposes. Therefore, opting for a single platform will provide you results but it won’t be enough for business growth. However, when you choose social media as a whole, you are presented with a wide variety of options to market your business. We leverage all the social media platforms that ensure your business is reached faster to potential clients faster. This, in turn, results in better content engagement.
This is not something that can produce the right results the next day. Our digital marketing process starts slow and will generate results for your business that continue to grow over time. The initial visible results occur within 3 to 6 months.
So far the digital marketing services we have provided to various clients has only made their businesses better and successful than it was earlier. Therefore, the possibility of such an unfortunate event for your business to occur is very slim.
For SEO we commit to rank keywords on the first page or ensure average keyword equivalent traffic to the website. This is variable to each customer and will be mentioned in each proposal. Duration to rank on the first page is usually between 6 to12 months. But for higher packages, we assure it within 3 to 6 months. Interns of ROI for all services, it depends on multiple factors including the service from our customers. But usually, we focus a minimum of 3 to 5 times better revenue on each campaign over a period of 12 months.
Yes, absolutely. In fact, we even encourage it so that we both can know about each other and discuss your business requirements to strike a deal. Our office is designed to provide our customers with a unique experience that you rarely find in other companies.
Our headquarters is located in Singapore. However, to provide our services to customers in order to make their businesses successful, we have further expanded our company and started offices functioning in the United Kingdom, India & the United Arab Emirates.

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We are the global leaders in providing the most innovative digital marketing solutions & web development services for all types of businesses in the UAE. Our focus is to make your business grow to heights not reachable by your competitors.

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