Sales Tracking Software for Small Business in UAE

The use of Sales Tracking Software for Small Business and large MNC’s are being increased in the present scenario. The one thing that all businesses focus on is getting more sales. However, without a proper tracking system, it will create difficulties in managing sales which can result in poor business performance.

A dedicated sales software solution, not only helps track sales but also ways to improve them so that your business becomes profitable and you can focus on your customers more.

When it comes to the best sales tracking software, Atees is the best company to choose. Our sales software solutions are suitable for all types of businesses. On choosing our affordable software solution, your get to enjoy several business benefits that include minimal data entry, increased sales performance, workflow automation and more. Our qualified team develops the sales software solution using the latest web development tools and technologies.

Using sales software for business helps in getting more business

Our sales software solutions are applicable to all types of businesses. Be it small, medium or large, we cater to all types. Implementing a simple sales management software that speeds up your sales cycle and increases sales performance is essential for all businesses.

Our experienced team strives to provide the best solution for making your sales process simpler and convenient. Our sales system solutions are highly preferred by well-known clients for managing their business resources and they have made increased profits by using our solutions.

If you are running a business and spend a lot of time working in the sales system, then it won’t help your business grow. You will have less time for finding out the needs of the customer.


This is why you should have a sales management solution. Implementing one comes with several benefits for your business:

  • Minimize data entry
  • Increase sales opportunity
  • Workflow automation
  • Cost-effective

Our sales software solutions are tailor-made for your business purpose. We know that not all businesses are the same and each one requires different approaches and integration of services.

Being one of the best sales software companies in Thrissur, our solutions provide you with exclusive benefits.

No hidden charges

Extended working support

In-house team for development

"The sales software for our firm was designed and developed by ATEES. The software is flawless and has not produced any issues at all. Our business has improved after the software was implemented. Their services are cost-effective and the support is worth mentioning."

Outstretch, Interact and Improves Sales with Our Development and Marketing Services

Choose our solutions and get even more exclusive benefits for your business. If you have the business requirement, then let us discuss it with a coffee.

Quality services

We value quality which is why always provide quality services to our customers. Giving what the customer wants makes them prefer us for further services.

Powerful sales platform

We offer a sales software platform for organisations that are looking to increase and manage their sales. Our software platform includes a dynamic sales management software that is designed to work for your sales team.

Organized information

Having a sales platform means handling a lot of accounts about customers that include their data. Manually managing all this information is tiresome and not practical. A sales software helps with that as it is designed to organize all your data into appropriate fields thus making your work much simpler.


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