Property maintenance app solution in Dubai

“Without labour, nothing prospers” - Sophocles

Our property management maintenance app makes maintenance & repair works easier

Getting the right workers for maintenance and repair works is essential as the wrong choice may lead to disastrous results. But, hiring skilled workers through manual means is not an easy task unless you know the person and their skills personally. Also, you will have to wait for long times which is a waste of time. However, this all changes with our unique technology as you are able to get skilled people for doing your maintenance jobs and in turn, save time and money. ATEES introduces a digital on-demand service platform where you can avail the services of technicians you need with a click.

Our solution provides a faster way to hire maintenance services

The Property maintenance app is ideal for all types of maintenance works for residential and commercial spaces. Or if you are a technician or a multi-service providing agency, you can use our solution to provide your services to customers in a much effective way. The process is very simple, as a customer all you have to do is book your service, choose the technician and make the payment.

As a service provider, you can add your details that include services, technicians, etc. Through this, you are able to reach a large customer base. The biggest advantage of our solution is that you get quality work delivered on time as the right people are assigned to do the maintenance work and helps to get higher business. Our solution is designed by a strong professional team that includes designers, developers, testers, etc. They ensure that the solutions work flawlessly as it should.

The app allows you to select technicians for services based on their experience, cost, location, etc. You don’t have to strike an annual contract or compulsory requirement to work with the same service provider and the solution comes with a secure payment gateway integrated. Opting to choose our solutions for business leads to getting several advantages which are:

  • On-demand digital services
  • Experienced & skilled professionals
  • Digital invoices
  • Higher sales & profit
  • Secure online payment

Many other agencies offer similar services but what they don’t provide are exclusive benefits that we provide you for choosing our property management maintenance app for your business. You might find these advantages rarely in other places.


No sort of hidden charges


Custom-tailored software


Dedicated technical team


24/7 technical support

Long gone are the days where you had to wait for getting the services of skilled workers for maintenance works. With our solution, you won’t have to worry about waiting or concerns about the quality of the works you get for the money you pay. If you like to know more and leverage the potential of our solution, then let us have a discussion.

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