Each and every one of us would have gone through some advertisement while browsing through the internet. Have you ever given a thought to how and why this happening? This is a paid service provided by Google to promote your product or company. The program allows you to create online advertisements which will take your product to the target audience. It works on a pay-per-click method that is every time when a visitor clicks on your advertisement you will have to make a payment to Google. Still, a lot of companies in the UAE are using it because they are enjoying the results of the same.


As you are observing a lot of google ads, you would have already known it would be worth investing in that but still to make clear about the benefits of this pay-per-click advertising service provided by Google let’s discuss some advantages of utilizing this tool.

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After the outbreak of this pandemic, you may have noticed some serious change among the old generation people in your home. Yes, they started using google and who else is left. Statics says there are 5 billion searches are made on average every single day. This clearly indicates how much we are influenced and this is the exact reason why Google ads can create a positive change in your business. If google could help people to find the information even through ads then why should they think of other sources


Google is capable of driving your website to relevant customers by showing up your advertisement to the users who search specific keywords. Once they open up the advertisement it will direct you to the landing page where you can collect their information and keep them updated with your services. If this fails, we have to use certain software to redirect to the customers. Another method to increase the customer base of your business is to add lengthy keywords as this can provide accurate results for customers and could satisfy them


While advertising it is important to consider when and where you do that as if it is not done properly, it could generate a negative effect. The response from the customers we reach through advertisements on social media can be entirely different. It is because most people are using social media as an element to get some relaxation and to have some fun. Watching your advertisement in such a situation can be irritating and they may turn down to your website. In the case of ads in the search engines, they are displayed to the customers who type the related keywords and this can lead to a sale.


One has to pass through a lot of struggles and barriers at some point in time in order to run campaigns to give maximum reach for the advertisement. Sometimes it can be a real time consuming and can waste a lot of your productive time. When it comes to the case of google ads even a single trained employee can get you a space using specific software and can get your ad to the right person at right time. After all, you have the power to stop the campaign immediately if required due to some reasons.


Some keywords can cost a lot to the companies and website, especially when it comes to something related to law as there are abundant of people searching for it, and every time they click on the ad, we will lose money due to pay per click. How to control it? Well, Google has certain options to set desired limits to control money flow through ads. It can vary from daily to monthly plans so that we don’t need to monitor it on a real-time basis.


Well, you may have noticed some ads which are of the considerably big budget with a lot of attraction fails in conveying the information to the customers. This happens everywhere but not with google ads for a long time because they correct it soon once it is noticed. This is done by analyzing the response of the users, their clicks, the time they spent on the site, and a lot of other factors


There is no argument on what makes your website to the top of the rank table. Usage of perfect keywords is the best way to achieve it. But what if you are not making it even after getting strong content. In such a scenario it is best to depend on ads as once you start running that, it will increase the visibility as organic results appear only after that


It is true that users find it irritating while watching ads over and over again. It’s like driving through a high traffic road to reach your destination but statics show that even if the users are not taking interest in clicking the ads, the brand name is getting cemented in their mind which will help them to put your company as their first option once they require any services. The more times they watch the ad, the more they memorize your brand.


When google needs to find out the satisfaction index of the user, it will take into account the post-click landing page into the experience. If it is taking the visitor to a page where he cannot find the relevant information, he is searching for then it’s a waste of time. This will cost you unnecessarily spent of money while on the other hand, the ads that are focused on specific keywords which can deliver customers what they required can make a change


Taking a viewer to a post-click landing page is not the only method to increase your ROI. In fact, there are a few bidding options set by google which allow us to restrict ourselves from losing money.

  • CPR – In this type of bidding we have to give money wherever a person clicks on your advertisement
  • CPM- This stands for cost per thousand viewable impressions where you can bid on how much money you are willing to pay for thousand full views of your advertisement. This is helpful to increase brand awareness a lot
  • CPA- Cost Per Action, as the name indicates you have to pay for an action like signing up or purchasing

By this, you would have already known the importance of google ads in your business and how it helps in leapfrogging the traffic of your website and expand your business. AIT information technologies are here to bring a change for your future if you are willing to give us an opportunity as our specialized team is waiting to guide you. Please feel free to reach us on 7907938810 or email us at


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