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Social media promotion has been a relevant and fruitful tool in propagating your business if used wisely. Figures depict that 92% of the marketers have increased their brand exposure by utilizing this platform. We don’t have to waste much time on validating the importance of using this platform but the hidden challenge over here is that due to the competitions within different social media platforms, people got split onto different channels. They all are making effort to come up with more innovative ideas and advanced features which made it tough for us to choose the apt one for our business promotion. So here we give you an overview of the things that you should keep in mind while choosing the right social media platform for your business.

Social media promotion


A journey without a destination will make you slow. The same is the case of trying to choose the right social media platform without a predefined goal because if you don’t know where you want to go, how can you choose the path? Whether your target is to increase brand awareness, identifying potential customers, or whatever, these kinds of intentions will give you clarity on the social media platform to be chosen. Alongside these objectives will influence you to fluctuate your content in resonance with the target


The next action is to identify the interest and preferences of the people who are listening to you and proper analytics of data have to be implemented here to figure out their favorite social media platform. It is true that most people are using multiple platforms but definitely, they won’t be spending their time equally on all platforms. You have to identify where he/she is active for a long time and execute the strategy to build a relationship with them and convert them to customers.


Almost all the industries across the world are taking advantage of social media platforms but are they all doing it in the same way? Definitely no because in that case this can be an easy task to copy but unfortunately, it is not a versatile situation. Understanding your type of business and segregate it into B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customer) is the primary step. For B2C companies, platforms like Facebook and Instagram will provide more opportunities for the viewers to interact and validate your credibility wherein B2B, platforms like LinkedIn proved to be successful in making a new business deal without losing the previous clients. 


People are engaged in different social media platforms for different purposes. It is necessary to understand their behavior on different platforms and to predict the chances of how they would discover your business online. So before creating an account on each and every platform, it is relevant to understand its serving purpose.

Some of the popular social media platforms and their purpose are mentioned here:

  • Facebook

    – it is the largest social media network available today and the platform tends to be emotionally driven as it is a place where friends, families, and relatives are connected along with the brands they enjoy and trust

  • Twitter

    – is an avenue where people try to get updated with the latest news and events happening around them. Alongside this is also a convenient place for them to immediately communicate with brands and businesses they follow.

  • Instagram 

    A platform that was mainly used to edit, post, and share pictures and videos. If you are having attractive content for your business and expecting to have a casual but wide reach, this platform will be a suitable one.

  • YouTube 

    video has the chance of getting viral easily as it can evoke the emotions of viewers. YouTube is the platform where people used to post personal and business-related videos to get maximum visibility


Competitors are undoubtedly a big challenge for your business but on the flipside considering them as a reference can produce positive results. Understanding the social media platforms they are using and how often they are posting will help you to create a social media calendar for yourself. Figuring out and intaking the keywords that they use in their content will positively reflect in your business

Understanding the landscape of competition will help us to build a strategy to get the attention of more audiences. Through proper social media promotion, Atees information technologies can make you the industry leader as we are well experienced and established in keeping the social media marketing in tone with the current trends. Give us a call on 7907938810 or email us at and get started with a social media platform today itself.

digital marketing guide


The Foundation of failure in business is poor marketing rather than the poor quality of the product. In a scenario where 79 % of customers were online buyers, are we exploiting all the available digital marketing channels maximum to get proper results? Unfortunately, the answer is no and there is no wonder in that as traveling through an unknown location can be hard if there is no one to guide you in the right direction. In the age of digitalization, more companies are gripping in digital marketing to reach their customers and prospects. The digital marketing guide will supply you with an insight into different channels of digital marketing and all the benefits offered by the same.


Branches of digital marketing are numerous and here is an overview of some of the most popular among them

digital marketing guide


Context is equally or even a little more important than content. Social media marketing involves customizing your content according to the requirement of various social media platforms in order to meet business goals. Likes and positive comments from viewers and users are a true inspiration for business but ‘share’ is the key to propagate the brand name, increase the quality traffic and generate business.



Content marketing is a process of educating your customer with your updated product and services with the objective of building a relationship with them. It is a strategic approach for exiting and engaging the viewers with the information of their interest with the hope of achieving their trust and loyalty and eventually convert them to customers



SEO is an optimization process that takes your website to the top of the rankings. Several methodologies like the selection of perfect keywords and internal linking are applied to generate quality traffic and potential customers. The ideal move to get the job done is to understand the algorithm of search engines and align your strategies accordingly.



PPC is an amazing way similar to SEO in skyrocketing your website ranking. The main difference between these two is that you have to allocate a portion of your budget for PPC while the latter is absolutely free. Still in long run, investing in PPC won’t be a wrong turn as it has the ability to attract potential customers immediately and generate profit. One of the most popular types of PPC is google ads which are capable of taking you to the top of SEO ranking within no time



Email marketing is a traditional but very effective method used by plenty of companies to keep their relationships with customers alive. Mostly the content will be something regarding promotions, subscriptions, newsletters, or any upcoming events. A major attractive feature of email marketing is that you can customize according to the preferences of every individual client and sent it personally. It is better to start with the people who have already sent you a query so that they won’t be surprised to receive your mail


The influence of the internet has extended a lot as even the people of the old generation are depending on it for finding a solution for their problem. This clearly indicates how effective digital marketing can be to increase your visibility. Let’s go through some of the advantages offered by digital marketing. 




No matter whatever be your industry is, it is important to make a proper investment in digital marketing as that is the best way to take your brand to a wide range of customers. The competition within the social media platforms itself made the people split into different channels as each of them is coming up with more innovative ideas and attractive features. Getting a maximum reach for your brand by focusing on a single platform won’t be a wise decision. Digital marketing has proved to be an effective way to get you to the target audience and eventually convert them to customers



The main benefit of digital marketing over offline marketing is that it allows you to precisely target your customers. Running an offline campaign in public gives you no control over your viewers, on the other hand, digital marketing which is done with proper analysis of the responses (likes, follows, subscription) made by visitors will make your task of figuring out potential customers easy.



Digital marketing offers you the benefit of analyzing your marketing results in real-time to determine whether it is in the path of progress or not. This is done by checking the number of visitors, their response to the landing page, the device they use and its location, and many similar aspects. This analysis will give you clarity about your tactics and where to improve



Incorporating digital marketing in ecommerce development strategies will allow us to monitor customer’s behavior. From the point they enter into your site, their preferences, routine, biases and everything else required will be analyzed to improve the user experience. Along with this, you can also get an idea about the advertisements that can excite their interest and make them convert


While offline marketing demands a huge investment without guaranteeing any results, digital marketing is little to no expense and can assure a great impact. Cost-Per-Acquisition CPA generated with digital marketing won’t drain your budget but will provide better leads and generate business. Proper usage of digital marketing like social media marketing and email marketing are capable of taking your business to next level



Bigger brands with high financial stability can invest in traditional advertisements eliminating the risk factor but that’s not the case with comparatively small-scale companies. Fortunately, digital marketing is providing equal opportunities to everyone on the stage despite their investment capabilities. Since most of people are internet users, wise implementation of digital marketing strategies will reflect in your results

Digital marketing is applicable for every business as its basic idea is to identify and create a relationship with your target audience. But the proper implementation of the marketing tactics is a tricky task and we, Atees information technologies are here to execute the same by properly following a digital marketing guide. You are always welcome to contact us at or dial 7907938810.

web design company


Well, if your aim is just to make an official website for your company then you can assign the task for a team in your office itself but If your ambition is to be on the top of your competitors in the SEO results, then it is better to depend on established and promising web development company in Dubai to get the task done. As there are a lot of companies who provide this task it is better to get some ideas about choosing the right one.

Choosing a web design company from millions of search results is a hectic task. There are certain pointers indicating the quality of web development companies. Let’s go through them

web development company

1) Analyse online reviews 

Reviews and survey results are shown on Google and other social media platforms are mostly dependable ones and can be taken into account. We can go through the experience of previous customers to take a final decision. Even though these comments cannot be deleted or manipulated, some companies may try to put some statements by themselves to mislead the customers but most of the time it is understandable.

2) View their work portfolio

Once we go through the work portfolio of the web design company, you will understand their taste of design and how much easier their way of navigation is through their website. From this, you can come to a decision by comparing it with your expectation.

3) Previous clients of the company

Getting the details of the clients who received the service of a specific web development company will make you feel more secure to invest. In all business trust and reputation is the key to invest and finding the name of some reputed international companies in the list of previous service receivers will make the company more trustworthy.

4) Cost of service

There is no fixed price for web design services. It is a totally independent decision made by the service company. So, we should always do deep research on different plans provided by these companies and along with that take into account your budget also. Still, if you are aiming for a huge improvement in your SEO results and increasing your revenue through business, then you should not hesitate to tie up with a premium partner.


5) Web design solutions offered

There is a wide range of website-related services offered by web design companies these days. The complexity of developing large designs from scratch has been solved by the introduction of multiple design and development platforms. Numerous CMS (content management system) platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc add flavor to web designing. While finalizing a web development company it is important to confirm they offer their services in every major design and development platform. 

6) Content creation service

Content of a website is considered as much important part as it gives the overall idea about your business and what your services are. Adding multiple language options to your content will be a good option as if you are conducting your business in Dubai, possibly the majority of your client may prefer Arabic rather than English. A beautiful website without strong content will be a waste.

7) Efficient client support

The client support team who handles the web design services should be always ready to explain in detail the queries and doubts raised by the customer. The representative of the business should be able to understand the objectives and expectations of the customer and should be able to coordinate all the activities of that service.

8) Does the development company follow SEO guidelines?

We should not forget the fact that we are taking all these effects to take your website to the top of SEO results which can generate serious growth in your business. Some of the guidelines mentioned by SEO regarding web design, the structure of a website, and SEO optimization can really reward you an upper hand over your competitors. So, make sure the web design company you choose follow these guidelines

9) Check the related services offered by your company

Creating a website alone cannot accomplish your target. You might need a lot of services like content writing, adding payment gateways, marketing your products and services, paid advertisement services, and a lot more. If you are able to find a web development company which can provide all these services and more as a single package then that would be more attractive and well-coordinated.

In the midst of this digital era, there are a lot of service providers available in Dubai and it is a very brain-draining task to find out the best option for you. We AIT information services are here to support you and to provide a guarantee that you will never get disappointed. We are keenly waiting for your response. Contact us today on 7907938810 or email us at

digital marketing


The terms digital marketing and digital branding seem to be very similar and substitutable to each other but the truth is that there is a serious difference between them in regard to the goal of both. Digital marketing mainly focuses on the sale of a certain product which means they target one-time customers. When it comes to digital branding, it is all about increasing the visibility of your brand. This will increase the customer base of your company and cement your brand in the viewer’s mind.

The advantages of digital branding are countless. It can be really confusing where to get started but let us figure out some of the important among them for you


People on the internet are split into various media. Some using social media platforms and chat sites while others using a search engine to explore. Even if you are having a strong brand but you still stick on to a single channel to spread it, then it’s worthless. That’s why it is important to place your digital marketing services in all dimensions for getting a wide range of customers


Go viral basically means increase the visibility of your brand. Is that easy? Well, there is a luck factor we would have to consider in this as it depends on the viewer’s action (like, share.). One thing we can do is the usage of multiple channels to spread your brand. Consistent posting of your content on different platforms and investing in paid ads can increase the chase of getting viral.


Branding can make visitors take an action. Post-click page advertisement is one of the methods where visitors can be converted to customers as they get involved in purchasing the product or by signing up company personal can interact with them in the future.


In the world of competition where the clients always have a multiple choice of results, you have to set your brand apart from the others for increasing the traffic. Digital branding helps you achieve this by incorporating all the services and new products offered by you. By continuing to stay on top of the competitors you will get exposed to a new range of customers.


Wide visibility alone may not be enough to increase the customer base. For that, you may need to interact with more people personally. Is that practically applicable? YES! Today a lot of digital marketing service platforms are engaging in customer surveys and product ratings through which your brand can connect to them and their feedback can be analyzed for better results.

digital marketing services


Along with the new ideas to brand your company, it is important where to market these ideas considering the current trends. These are some digital branding trends in 2021


Mobile is promoted as such a handy device for almost everyone in the world because of its ease of use. So, while we do the digital branding, it is necessary to consider the factor that the post-landing page of the advertisement should be optimized to get open on a mobile device.


In this digital era, it’s hard to figure out the genuine websites from the fraudulent ones especially after the outbreak of the pandemic. As you know, people will invest only in brands they trust and that shows how important it is to maintain the reputation of the company. Fortunately, digital platforms are offering a variety of sources to interact with the customers and to understand what they really need, and make them believe that they are on the right track.


We had already been glued into the world of social media where each and every one of us are active on multiple social media platforms. At no point, we can spare this medium for marketing but we should be aware that some of them are not getting consistent growth.


When we analyze the giant brands, we might notice that there will be a specific group of regular customers involved in conducting business with that company. Can small companies make it? Fortunately, social media has given us an equal opportunity to interact with our clients and create a group among themselves for discussing and sharing stories about your service and products which will help you to keep your brand alive


Video has more impact than pictures and today youngsters are addicted to them. Making and sharing videos are much appreciated and used techniques by companies to market their brand. It’s a fact that videos are capable of stimulating our emotions.


A user will usually take the top results that appear in the search engine as a medium to find answers for their queries. This indicates how crucial it is to stay on top of the SEO results. Proper marketing strategies will help you to climb the ladder to reach on top of this ranking


People are expecting more and more features from your website to stick on and one of them is spot reaction to their queries so that they don’t have to waste their time. Artificial intelligence made it possible by the implementation of chatbots which can provide 24*7 chat services to the customers which will encourage them to stay on the site.


The word design has a lot of dimensions which include web designing, page designing, app designing, and keeps ongoing. It is an area to display your creativity but at the same time no compromise should be made in the user experience


As mentioned earlier there should not be any inconvenience to the visitors of your website. A frictionless flow of usage should be guaranteed to them always. We must be able to take their suggestion into account and monitor each UX interaction for the betterment of our site.

Digital marketing has become an unavoidable part of today’s business and a proper implementation of strategies can take you to the top of SEO rankings. AIT information private limited is well established in providing this service and we are eagerly waiting for your response to guide you. Contact us immediately on 79017938810 or email us at



Each and every one of us would have gone through some advertisement while browsing through the internet. Have you ever given a thought to how and why this happening? This is a paid service provided by Google to promote your product or company. The program allows you to create online advertisements which will take your product to the target audience. It works on a pay-per-click method that is every time when a visitor clicks on your advertisement you will have to make a payment to Google. Still, a lot of companies in the UAE are using it because they are enjoying the results of the same.


As you are observing a lot of google ads, you would have already known it would be worth investing in that but still to make clear about the benefits of this pay-per-click advertising service provided by Google let’s discuss some advantages of utilizing this tool.

google ads


After the outbreak of this pandemic, you may have noticed some serious change among the old generation people in your home. Yes, they started using google and who else is left. Statics says there are 5 billion searches are made on average every single day. This clearly indicates how much we are influenced and this is the exact reason why Google ads can create a positive change in your business. If google could help people to find the information even through ads then why should they think of other sources


Google is capable of driving your website to relevant customers by showing up your advertisement to the users who search specific keywords. Once they open up the advertisement it will direct you to the landing page where you can collect their information and keep them updated with your services. If this fails, we have to use certain software to redirect to the customers. Another method to increase the customer base of your business is to add lengthy keywords as this can provide accurate results for customers and could satisfy them


While advertising it is important to consider when and where you do that as if it is not done properly, it could generate a negative effect. The response from the customers we reach through advertisements on social media can be entirely different. It is because most people are using social media as an element to get some relaxation and to have some fun. Watching your advertisement in such a situation can be irritating and they may turn down to your website. In the case of ads in the search engines, they are displayed to the customers who type the related keywords and this can lead to a sale.


One has to pass through a lot of struggles and barriers at some point in time in order to run campaigns to give maximum reach for the advertisement. Sometimes it can be a real time consuming and can waste a lot of your productive time. When it comes to the case of google ads even a single trained employee can get you a space using specific software and can get your ad to the right person at right time. After all, you have the power to stop the campaign immediately if required due to some reasons.


Some keywords can cost a lot to the companies and website, especially when it comes to something related to law as there are abundant of people searching for it, and every time they click on the ad, we will lose money due to pay per click. How to control it? Well, Google has certain options to set desired limits to control money flow through ads. It can vary from daily to monthly plans so that we don’t need to monitor it on a real-time basis.


Well, you may have noticed some ads which are of the considerably big budget with a lot of attraction fails in conveying the information to the customers. This happens everywhere but not with google ads for a long time because they correct it soon once it is noticed. This is done by analyzing the response of the users, their clicks, the time they spent on the site, and a lot of other factors


There is no argument on what makes your website to the top of the rank table. Usage of perfect keywords is the best way to achieve it. But what if you are not making it even after getting strong content. In such a scenario it is best to depend on ads as once you start running that, it will increase the visibility as organic results appear only after that


It is true that users find it irritating while watching ads over and over again. It’s like driving through a high traffic road to reach your destination but statics show that even if the users are not taking interest in clicking the ads, the brand name is getting cemented in their mind which will help them to put your company as their first option once they require any services. The more times they watch the ad, the more they memorize your brand.


When google needs to find out the satisfaction index of the user, it will take into account the post-click landing page into the experience. If it is taking the visitor to a page where he cannot find the relevant information, he is searching for then it’s a waste of time. This will cost you unnecessarily spent of money while on the other hand, the ads that are focused on specific keywords which can deliver customers what they required can make a change


Taking a viewer to a post-click landing page is not the only method to increase your ROI. In fact, there are a few bidding options set by google which allow us to restrict ourselves from losing money.

  • CPR – In this type of bidding we have to give money wherever a person clicks on your advertisement
  • CPM- This stands for cost per thousand viewable impressions where you can bid on how much money you are willing to pay for thousand full views of your advertisement. This is helpful to increase brand awareness a lot
  • CPA- Cost Per Action, as the name indicates you have to pay for an action like signing up or purchasing

By this, you would have already known the importance of google ads in your business and how it helps in leapfrogging the traffic of your website and expand your business. AIT information technologies are here to bring a change for your future if you are willing to give us an opportunity as our specialized team is waiting to guide you. Please feel free to reach us on 7907938810 or email us at

web design companies in UAE


For the last few years, we have witnessed gradual changes in online business strategies especially the way customers get in touch with the service provider. The Internet has been more localized today as a result of the outbreak of the pandemic. It’s a fact that most of the clients find out the service provider by surfing through the internet and the majority of them will go with the company website which will top the SEO results. How can you achieve it? There are a lot of web development companies available in the UAE for increasing your traffic and spreading your customer base but before that, it is better to know the benefits of having a website for your business in detail.


As we mentioned earlier majority of the customers will figure out the company required for their purpose by searching on the internet. An outstanding official website for your company is the key to build a reputation and to aware users about what all are the services provided by you in detail which will make them take a decision. After all, people will invest only in a company that they can trust and a strong website is a basement for this. There is no need to hesitate for investing in a web design company that can get the task done for you.


The only way to increase the traffic of your website and to run a successful business by expanding your customer base is to rank your website on the top of SEO results. There are always big brands existing in all types of business with a regular customer base we need to increase our brand visibility in order to compete with them. The website has to be optimized well with keywords to take it to the top rank and there are established web development companies in Dubai which can guarantee you the results.


Branding a website in other word is spreading it to a wide range of users and the key to achieve it is by climbing to the top of the website ranking. It is important to maintain the presence of your brand on the internet because inactivity can lead to a loss of confidence in the customers to invest in the company. The key to achieve website ranking is to add new content to the official website which includes keywords that can grab the attention of the customers.


It is obvious that most of the customers expect a company to have an official website and they have valid reasons for that. As all the websites today were made in a compactable mode that is accessible from all devices, visitors will be available despite the barrier of time and location. If your company has an official website which describes all the vital information about your services it can save their time which most of them will love to. Along with that if an online chat system is open for 24 hrs a day through the company website, don’t you think users will be satisfied? Most of the pain points and queries of the customers will be solved by implementing a proper website.


When it comes to business everything is profit-oriented. So, it is natural that you will think twice before investing money in any department of your business but that should be avoided in the case of website creation. It is because in long run it will bring profit to the company as a proper website will increase your customer base. Along with creation maintenance of a website is also important to increase its traffic

Having a professionally designed website is crucial in boosting your business and there are a lot of web development companies available in the UAE to help you out. Which is the best choice? Let AIT information technologies support you to achieve your goal in an efficient and professional manner. Your satisfaction is our priority so please feel free to reach us on 7907938810 or email us at


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